Find the Real You

and the
Keys to True Freedom

Awaken to your inner purpose through the power of Whisperology.

What is Whisperology?

Whisperology™ is an informational system based on spiritual principles that uses Intention Based Field Resonance Testing (IBFRT) to receive and send coherent information for healing and spiritual growth.

Find a Healer

Make an appointment with a Whisperologist to uncover and remove the deepest sources of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stress in your life.

Become a Practitioner

For the potential student: Consider signing up for the one-year Whisperology Certification Program to expand your knowledge and skills as a healer.


Meet Steven Tonsager,
Founder and Author

Steven Tonsager is the founder of IBFRT and Whisperology. He holds a degree in chemistry and a master’s degree in biochemistry. After receiving his master’s degree in acupuncture and Oriental medicine, he established an acupuncture clinic in Wisconsin in 2003. Steve continued his studies in Chinese medicine, cold laser therapy, homeopathy, field control therapy, and Tillerian physics. He practices Intention Based Field ResonancesTesting (IBFRT) and Whisperology with great success, and is now training others in these methodologies.

He retired in 2020 and moved to Tucson, Arizona. His current work is to train others to become Whisperologists. He continues to use his methods to treat clients by providing local and remote services. Steve and his partner Kari are creating new tools and resources to bring the healing power of Whisperology to a growing audience of readers, clients, and students.

Steve Tonsager is the author of five books in the Intention Based Field Resonance Testing (IBFRT) Series and three in the EBKILFGN Series.

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Intention Based Field Resonance Testing Series

 Find the real you and the keys to true freedom by awakening to your inner purpose through the power of Whisperology.

EBKILFGN-book series


The journey of Dolmen and his descendants is a timeless story of self-discovery and healing that will change the way you look at the legacy of your own life.

Connecting to Source

If we could recommend one thing to do daily to deepen spiritual practice and begin healing every aspect of your life, it’s to listen to this meditation daily. It has been known to cause happiness.

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