Become a Practitioner

The intention of the one-year Whisperology Training Program is to provide the student with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge and skills to practice Whisperology as a Level 1 Whisperologist.

The Level 1 Whisperologist Training

The one-year training program to be certified as a Level 1 Whisperologist is built around four seminars. Each seminar is three full days of lecture and practice. Each seminar builds on the skills that have been introduced in a prior seminar.

Learning the principles of Whisperology and mastering the skills to use its testing procedures requires patience, practice, and a humble heart.

The six skills are:

  • Physical Indicator Development
  • Creation of H Vials
  • Imprinting Healing Intention
  • How to Use the Figure
  • How to Create Numerical Sequences
  • Remote Testing

The principles of Whisperology consistently emphasize that the development of the ability to use the skills and tools is always secondary to the integrity and maturity of the practitioner. The ability to test and imprint is directly related to who you are and what you are becoming through your spiritual work. Students who have completed the practice requirements will be given the opportunity to be certified as a Level 1 Whisperologist by demonstrating their knowledge and skills at the final seminar.

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What are the requirements to enroll in the one-year Whisperology Training program?

There are no specific degrees, licenses, or experiences required to learn Whisperology. Whisperology is a spiritual system that may be learned by people from a variety of backgrounds. The essential requirement to become a healer has nothing to do with a particular skill, degree, or profession. Students have included mothers, nurses, acupuncturists, chiropractors, musicians, counselors, administrators, life coaches, technical professions, and nutritionists. Whatever your personal and professional experiences may be, Whisperology recontextualizes the specific path you are following as a spiritual journey toward self-healing and a means to become a vessel of healing for others. The key to learning and applying the Whisperology tools is a humble heart.

When and where is the program held?

The twelve-month program includes four seminars which are held in Tucson, Arizona. The seminars take place in October, January, April, and September. The seminars begin on Friday and end on Sunday. There are homework assignments and ZOOM meetings between the seminars to help you to progress in your understanding and ability to use the skills. The fourth seminar is your opportunity to be evaluated and certified as a Level 1 Whisperologist.

How large are the classes?

Class size is limited to a maximum of eight students due to the necessity of extensive 1:1 training and the “hands on” experiences required to learn the six skills of Whisperology.

What is the cost of the program?

Tuition for the one-year program is $ 12,000.

I’d like to learn more about becoming a student of Whisperology

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