Intention Based Field Resonance Testing

The Power of the Whisper

The physical and spiritual domains of human existence are linked with the power and efficacy of intention through the theories, tools, and applications of Whisperology.


I think that the term Source consciousness is sufficiently expansive to encompass my beliefs about the world of Whisperology. Source consciousness is present in every level, every aspect of any system, from the simple to the most complex, from the smallest to the largest entities. A completely coherent entity is completely or fully conscious. Whisperology is the term I currently use to express the idea that whispering increases the coherency of an entity by increasing its alignment with Source, with its own full consciousness, and with its purpose. (The Power of the Whisper, page 45)

My foreword for Steve Tonsager’s book The Power of Attention, Attraction, and Intention in Field Control Therapy focused on a hopefully meaningful thermodynamic-free energy description of FCT versus “orthodox medicine.” What more can I add to embrace his marvelous healing jars? He lovingly and successfully imprints these jars for each of his patients. Steve has trained himself to carefully manifest our Divine’s intent for the greatest good of each of his patients. This book materializes his attempt to explain his inner process to those who wish to know how he is successful with his inner task. I strongly recommend him and his book to all who would wish to share his divine path and mirror his success.
—William A. Tiller, PhD Professor Emeritus, Stanford University, Department of Materials Science and Engineering)

Medicine focuses upon degrees and certifications, professional standards and continuing education, and as important as they are, none are an indication of who we are as healers. Perhaps our real postgraduate education comes not from a textbook or university, but from within. The meaning of “Physician, heal thyself,” reveals itself in Steve Tonsager’s clinic every day. Whisperology shows that we can, and are evolving, as a species at a conscious level, and that such evolution of the future paradigm of health care.
— Nisha J. Manek, MD, FACP, FRCP (UK))