The Dreams of EBKILFGN

An Allegory About Consciousness

Dolmen Wilcox becomes a potter to find himself. Through the mysterious powers of The EBK Travel Agency, he finds that pottery is a pathway to becoming conscious of a deeper purpose and connection to the universe.


Our scientific understanding of nature is not the truth, only a different belief system. The system in which Bi operated was no less valid than what was praised in the so-called civilized world. This led me to consider how our ways of understanding the world encouraged society to see the water, the soil, and the sky as inanimate, lifeless material, but Bi and the people of his village knew otherwise. Yes, I thought it was true that we have lost our connection to the water, to the sky, to the soil, and to ourselves (The Dreams of EBKILFGN, chapter 5, page 36)

It was important to pay attention to what was inside and to not pay as much attention to the particular shape or appearance of the pot. What mattered was what the pot held. If we could remember this, eventually we would be able to surrender all of the excuses that surface within ourselves when we think we have no choice or voice. I found it more and more difficult to think that the answer to the questions of my life, or any person’s life, for that matter, could be explained by bad luck or circumstance. (The Dreams of EBKILFGN, chapter 8, page 79)