Intention Based Field Resonance Testing

The Geometry of the Whisper

The theories and applications of Whisperology are expanded with the addition of The Figure, a contextual map that is utilized through the testing and imprinting process to identify and relieve physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual stress.


The truth is that most of the time, human beings are in charge of very little of the world they believe to be the source of sustenance and reality. Despite all of the stressful and relentless efforts to control the contents of life, the only way to change the trajectory of a human life is to stop acting as if fear is the only way of staying alive. Decisive change occurs through a single mechanism called recontextualization.  (The Geometry of the Whisper, page 88-89)

I can now truly appreciate all that Steve has given to his patients, his friends, colleagues and our communities. Every whisper, remedy, sequence, and incoherence has been treated with pure love and the acknowledgement that we are honoring a life source that is so much greater than ourselves.
—Gina R. Cleveland, D.C.

Just think what we would know if we had anything like a clear understanding of what goes on when Whisperology vanishes pain away. Best of all, we would find out more about the super intelligence that exists in each of us, boundlessly more brilliant and possessing technical know-how far beyond our present understanding. It would be a National Institute of Whisperology.
—Nisha J. Manek, MD, FACP, FRCP (U.K.))