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The Karmic Portrait

Imagine your life completely energized by finding and living your unique purpose. Your karmic portrait is revealed through the tools of Whisperology.

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The inner portrait tells the real Story about yourself which is mostly unknown to you. The Painter wants to share this Story with the intention that you claim it as the real story about yourself.  Imagine this to be the Story that answers all questions without revealing every detail of your life. The Story of your life is intended to be lived to the fullest without taking away all the surprises and spoiling the fun. Some chapters of your life are being written which can’t be shared or perhaps fully known in the present moment. Questions like: How do I fit in? Does God have a plan for me? What is my purpose?  (The Karmic Portrait, page 10)

I am ecstatic about The Karmic Portrait as it brings forth a sense of resilient courage that resides within all of us to reclaim our birthright and connect with our purpose. The Karmic Vectors offer all of us an opportunity to dive deeper into identifying, as Steve often says, “the clues into our cluelessness.” Within the imaginative writings of The Karmic Portrait comes an adventure imbued in the teachings that creates realization for some and the confirmation for others that we are truly more than a body.
—Laura Wieczorek, RN, Certified Whisperologist, Healthy 4 Life LLC)

I loved reading Steve Tonsager’s marvelous book since it puts into focus the nature of who we are and how we can evolve and grow in life. I consider Steve a kindred spirit. We both evolved through learning the scientific principles of biochemistry and then we were both drawn into further understanding the nature of who we are in the cosmos and bringing our learnings to mankind.
—Jerry Gin, Ph.D. Chairman and CEO, Foundation for Mind-Being Research