Intention Based Field Resonance Testing

The Magnification of the Whisper

Whisperology adds numerical sequence to its powerful toolbox of intention based methods to unify and magnify healing.


The inclusion of numbers in the technology of Whisperology is intended to magnify the understanding, applicability, and efficacy of a whisper–but not the only means–to build or strengthen an informational structure, including that aspect of ourselves that could be regarded as an informational structure. (The Magnification of the Whisper, page 30)

Steve has opened the door to a paradigm shift in healing: a standard that is anchored in guidance and in learning to hear our intuition as well as honoring the power of the human spirit. We have a tremendous opportunity to unleash progress in the healing arts. Steve’s understanding of intention, and the magnification of the power of intention by use of numbers, to heal the whole human has a valuable place in future medicine. His books bring practical knowledge to the field of intention and information medicine. Amid the cacophony and bureaucracy of current medicine, Whisperology is boldly going where few venture.
—Nisha J. Manek, MD, FACP, FRCP (U.K.)