The Return of EBKILFGN

An Allegory About Permanence

The EBK Travel Agency returns to guide Eli, the great great grandson of Dolmen, on an archetypal journey that awakens and transforms the stained glass maker’s craft into a sacred connection with the Source of the universe.


This formless white light is always there but requires some inner change to see with new eyes. The light was not only brilliant and all encompassing, but also there was an energy, a force, that he experienced when he was with Nicoya and that he also sensed at Antonio’s funeral. It was hidden within the stained glass of Antonio’s windows in the church. Eli could hardly control his emotions because he was filled with hopefulness about what was being shared with him through these experiences. Under the right conditions, the outer world took on a new appearance and meaning that was sacred. (The Return of EBKILFGN, chapter 3, page 45)

Klaus replied, “Your life is coming together in new ways that are currently beyond your imagination or comprehension. There is a kind of internal synthesis occurring within you, just as it took place within me, and continued to unfold for many years. The synthesis heals wounds and restores sight, even when we are unaware of the need for any healing because of our tunnel vision. There is a deep fracture within human beings. Yet, deeper still, there is a force which heals all fractures, and returns everything to a single unity.” (The Return of EBKILFGN, chapter 7, page 76)