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Whisperology uses Intention Based Field Resonance Testing (IBFRT), a theory and methodology which is based on the relationship between attention and intention, to receive and send coherent information about any subject including all aspects of health.

In Whisperology, coherence refers to the alignment of the body, heart, and mind to its divine origin and purpose. We experience optimal health when we seek to love God, others, and ourselves in our daily living.


What is a typical Whisperology visit?

Every visit has two parts. The Whisperologist tests the client during the first part of the visit. After the testing is completed, the Whisperologist treats the client with one or more of the Whisperology “intention tools.”

Testing is done by gently placing the hands on the ankles of the client. The methods of Intention Based Field Resonance Testing (IBFRT) are used to determine the sources of incoherence (stress). The stress may be physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual. IBFRT is used to create intention statements to eliminate the stress.

After the testing is completed, the Whisperologist imprints the intentions of the statements.

There are several ways to imprint these intentions including numerical sequences, H vials, triangles, meditative drills, and prayer.

What is the difference between a local visit and a remote visit?

A local visit means that the client is in the same physical location as the Whisperologist during the testing process. The client may also request a remote visit which means that he or she is not physically present. The Whisperologist uses a picture of the client and typically a surrogate in a remote testing session.

How much does a visit cost?

The time required to test the client and create the necessary tools for imprinting the client varies but usually takes about 2 hours. The cost for the visit is $ 275 for a local or remote visit.

How do I become a client?

Fill out the Client Information Form below and send it to whisperology.ibfrt@gmail.com

What else do I need to do before a visit?

Although it is not required, some clients who are completely new to Whisperology, find my books to be quite interesting.

Whisperology clients are saying …

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Gina Cleveland

Dr. Gina Cleveland is a chiropractor who offers chiropractic services and Whisperology to her patients. She was the first person trained by Steve Tonsager to practice Whisperology.

Contact Information:
Cleveland Family Chiropractic, River Falls, WI 54022 (715) 425-0333

Ethan Skog

Dr. Ethan Skog is a holistic chiropractor and owner of Vibrant Health Center located in Minneapolis, MN. He practices with the intention of helping others experience optimal health through alignment of their body, heart and mind with their divine purpose. He earned his Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology with an emphasis on Human Performance at the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire followed by a Doctorate of Chiropractic at Life University. He has continued post-graduate training and certifications in multiple advanced holistic healing approaches including Professional Applied Kinesiology, Neuro Emotional Technique, Clinical Nutrition and Whisperology.

Vibrant Health Center in Minneapolis, MN
Office Phone: (612) 208-3839

Shalo Lee

Shalo began as an artist, writer, and musician with a strong love for her community. Her artistic journey was divinely interrupted by a severe debilitating long term Lyme infection as well as many other acute and chronic health issues. After successful treatment with Steve Tonsager for her and her family’s chronic health issues, her journey back to full health led her to be called to heal others in the same way. She began studying multiple forms of natural healing through nutrition, lifestyle and mind/body/spirit modalities and eventually became a student of Whisperology. She became certified as a Whisperologist under the instruction of Steve Tonsager and Laura Wieczorek in 2023.

Ashlin Tulip

Ashlin Tulip has a true heart for people and enjoys helping others thrive in life by using Whisperology and IBFT testing. Ashlin has grown up with holistic medicine as a child and continues to practice and learn holistic modalities. In 2019 her family saw Steve for some major health concerns. Shortly after seeing Steve, their lives changed in a remarkable fashion. Ashlin’s family has been blessed by Whisperology, leaving them speechless with incredible results. Ashlin knew at that moment that this was something truly amazing, especially after trying other holistic modalities. Ashlin offers testing of local and remote visits at her clinic called Blooming 4 Wellness LLC located in Wabasha, MN. You can contact Ashlin at blooming4wellness@gmail.com or find her on Instagram or Facebook under Blooming 4 Wellness LLC.

Taylor Lerum

Taylor Lerum, MS holds a bachelor’s degree in herbal science from Bastyr University, a master’s degree in nutrition and human performance from Logan University, and a certificate in Whisperology. She takes a holistic approach to body, mind, soul, and spirit incorporating nutrition, herbs, and positive intentions. Optimizing one’s life experience and consciousness and supporting others desires to live a purposeful and fulfilled life. Taylor has a passion for helping others, especially those who have struggled with chronic stressors, with no answers. She has two children and a Dalmatian, Rockie. As a family they love going to the lake home, traveling, hiking, and hanging out with friends and family.

Lisa Thompson

Lisa holds a Master’s degree in Adlerian Counseling and Psychotherapy and is a Licensed Associate Marriage and Family Therapist in Minnesota. Her passion for healing and holistic wellness led her to Steve Tonsager as a patient many years ago, and through his treatments, she and her family experienced profound healing. Desiring to carry on Steve’s important work and to help heal herself and others, Lisa became certified in Whisperology in 2022 and treats patients currently out of her home in the Southwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities.

Casey Schellhorn

An enthusiast of life, Casey lives with purpose and intention, love, and kindness. He is passionate about assisting people in their journey towards wellness and Self-discovery. A journey that involves bringing greater coherence to body, mind, and spirit. The tools of Whisperology are uniquely fitted for this purpose, and he is grateful for the opportunity to share them with others. Casey first met Steve when he was a teenager and the wisdom and guidance Steve has shared over the years has profoundly impacted his life. Casey received his Whisperology certification in 2022 and currently practices Whisperology in Eau Claire, WI.

Laura Wieczorek

Laura Wieczorek has an Associate Degree in Applied Sciences and is a board-certified Registered Nurse. She is a self-motivated life learner who due to her own experience with autoimmunity and for years has sought out and tried many holistic modalities. In August 2018 she met Steve for health concerns, and it was through the methods of Whisperology and IBFRT that her life was truly changed, and health restored. She practices IBFRT at her Healthy 4 Life office, in Westby Wisconsin.

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