What is Whisperology

Whisperology utilizes a unique form of testing to receive and send coherent information for self-healing. Coherence is a state of alignment within the body, heart, and mind to its divine origin and purpose to experience optimal health.


What is Whisperology?

Whisperology is an informational system based on spiritual principles that uses Intention Based Field Resonance Testing (IBFRT) to receive and send coherent information for healing and spiritual growth.

What is IBFRT?

Intention Based Field Resonance Testing is a theory and methodology which is based on the relationship between attention and intention to receive and send coherent information about any subject including all aspects of health.


How is Whisperology like an orchestra?

The metaphor of an orchestra is useful because Whisperology appreciates the qualities of a beautiful orchestral sound. The diversity of instruments, the condition and tuning of each instrument, the skills and contributions of each musician, the organizing power of the conductor to lead each musician, and the clarity of the musical score itself which reflects the vision of the composer. Every aspect of the performance of the music relates to the audience who benefits from all that has contributed to the subjective experience which resonates through the listener.

Whisperology emphasizes that as spiritual beings having a physical experience, we are performing a score that comes from a Divine Composer. Our instruments, some physical and others invisible to the five senses, easily lose coherence on every level leading to physical and spiritual difficulties. The restoration of coherence leads to improved health and vitality in all aspects of our lives. Whisperology recognizes the contributions and obstacles for each instrument of the physical and spiritual anatomy. Whisperology also recognizes that every obstacle is an opportunity to become more deeply resonant and coherent to the sound of Divine Composer, our Creator.

What is the relationship between consciousness and Whisperology?

The mission of Whisperology is to expand human consciousness according to its spiritually based theories and tools which are activated by the power of intention.

What is coherence and its relationship to health?

In Whisperology, coherence refers to the alignment of the body, heart, and mind to its divine origin and purpose which is based on the belief that we experience optimum health when we seek to love God, others, and ourselves in our daily living.


Is Whisperology a medical procedure or practice?

Whisperology is not a medical system, conventional or alternative. IBFRT is not a medical testing procedure.

Whisperologists may use terms which are common to the medical and scientific world especially when the subject is physical coherence. Whisperology doesn’t have a different set of terms for targets like heart, kidney, or neuron. It hasn’t invented new words to describe incoherent conditions that may be linked to bacteria, parasites, heavy metals, or anesthetics. Whisperologists may have other qualifications which they bring into the training but Whisperology does not teach biochemistry, toxicology, pharmacology, anatomy, physiology, nutrition, herbology, or Chinese medicine.

Is Whisperology a mental health practice?

Whisperology is not a mental health system, conventional or alternative. IBFRT is not a psychological testing program. Whisperologists may use terms which are common to the various branches of psychology and mental health when the subject is emotional or mental coherence. Whisperology attaches specific meanings to commonly used words like fear, joy, or love but Whisperologists are not counselors, psychologists, or mental health specialists.



Is Whisperology a religion?

Whisperology is not a church or religion. You don’t have to be a Christian, Buddhist, or anything else… Whisperology does believe that life is purposeful and that the power of intention is a priceless gift from the Creator. The experience of those who are learning Whisperology includes an expanded sense of reverence and awe for the mystery of life itself. Those who find themselves called to become Whisperologists are opening doors to a deeper realization of a spiritual purpose not only in their own lives but in creation itself.

Does Whisperology believe in anything?

Yes. Absolutely! Whisperology is based on the understanding that life is thoroughly purposeful down to the last detail. As spiritual beings, the greatest source of fulfillment is alignment with a divine purpose. When there is alignment with a spiritual purpose, what was lost within us is found. Every level and layer of our being, physical and non-physical, is intended to serve this intrinsic purpose. All IBFRT methodologies are framed within a spiritual context. Coherence brings health to every level of our being. This is the message that is at the heart of Whisperology.

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